Full Service Station:

Every repair in our facility includes original manufacturers parts. We follow the manufacturers specification of replacing air/fuel filter, tune-up

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Your vehicle is put through a rigorous 100-point vehicle check during service each service. This includes all hoses, clamps, radiator fluids are checked or replaced based upon mileage and year of vehicle. As an added benefit only Bosch Platinum Plus 4 Spark Plugs are used. This means increased life and durability for your vehicle. Tire air pressure is checked. (We recommend that you check this monthly in between services as well).


Use European equipment: Diagnostic equipment for OBD2. In every repair we warranty 1 year/12,000 miles parts and labor.

Floor Mats:


Always use floor mats designed to fit the foot well of your vehicle. Use only floor mats that leave the pedal area unobstructed and that are firmly secured so that they cannot slip out of position and interfere with the operation of your vehicle in other ways. Pedals that cannot move freely can cause the loss of vehicle control and increase the risk of serious personal injury

  • Always make sure that floor mats are properly attached to the floor mat fasteners.
  • Never place or install floor mats or other floor coverings in the vehicle that cannot be properly secured to prevent them from moving and interfering with the pedals or the ability to control the​ vehicle.
  • Never put floor mats or other floor coverings on top of already installed floor mats. Additional floor​ mats and other coverings will reduce the size of the pedal area and interfere with the pedals.
  • Check mounting of mats on a regular basis. Always properly reinstall and secure floor mats that have been removed for clearning.
  • Always make sure that objects cannot fall into the driver foot well while the vehicle is moving. Objects can become trapped under the brake pedal and accelerator pedal causing a loss of vehicle​ control.
  • If required, mounting posts must be properly installed, if not equipped from the factory

Failure to properly follow floor mat installation or mounting can cause interference with the brake pedal and accelerator pedal operation causing loss of control of vehicle.

Oil Change:

Every service includes use only Elf Synthetic Motor Oil. We advise that the oil be checked at 3,500 miles, but 7,500 mile intervals are recommended between actual oil changes.


Fuel Filter:

Condensation from driving becomes ice. Annual fuel filter replacement is necessary to maintain the life of your fuel pump. Decreases gas mileage.


Regular service is integral to the life of your automobile. Improper upkeep can result in costly repairs and a reduced overall vehicle life. Please feel free to call and we'll advise you on what is best for your vehicle. European Auto Master offers all your service needs at times that are convenient for you. Some of our services are listed


Not all tires are created equal. Our vehicles are fitted with original manufacturers tires which are speed rated symbols as recommended by manufacturer. Correct tires with the proper speed rating relative to the vehicle increases gas mileage.