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BMW Repair, Rock Hill SC

BMW Repair, Rock Hill, SC

Regular service on BMW automobiles is integral to the life of your automobile. Improper upkeep can result in costly repairs and a reduced overall vehicle life. Please feel free to call or stop in and if you would like, we will discuss the best plan for your vehicle.  Some of our services are listed below.

People on tight schedules appreciate the flexible hours, pickup and delivery plus exceptional convenience of working with the helpful team at European Automaster.

Full Service BMW Repair Station: Every repair in our facility includes original manufacturers parts. We follow the manufacturers specifications when replacing air/fuel filters, tune-ups fluid changes, and other maintenance work. Please call or stop in for a convenient appointment.

BMW Diagnostics: We use the best high European diagnostic equipment for OBD2.  We have the best software, equipment, training and experience to provide accurate diagnosis the first time.

An accurate diagnosis will enable the best repairs with the least expense.

We warranty every BMW repair for 1 year/12,000 miles for parts and labor.

BMW Oil Change: Every service includes oly Elf Synthetic Motor Oil. We advise that the oil be checked at 3,500 miles and 7,500 mile intervals are recommended between actual oil changes.

BMW Repair, Rock Hill SC
BMW Repair, Rock Hill SC

BMW Mechanic:  If you would like to talk with a BMW mechanic, stop in.  This is the type of auto repair shop where you can actually ask questions and discuss your car with the mechanic who does the work.  Chris is the BMW Mechanic.  He has been working on BMWs for more than 30 years.  He has the training, certifications, diagnostic equipment and tools to properly service and repair your BMW.

Fuel Filter: Condensation from driving may lead to corrosion and/or becomes ice during cold weather.  Annual fuel filter replacement is necessary to maintain a long life for your fuel pump and other parts. Plugged fuel filters may decrease gas mileage and several other problems.  Changing a fuel filter on schedule will reduce the amount of BMW repairs needed.

BMW Tune-Ups: Your vehicle is put through a thorough 100-point vehicle check during each service appointment. This includes all hoses, clamps, radiator fluids are checked or replaced based upon mileage and year of vehicle. As an added benefit, only Bosch Platinum Plus 4 Spark Plugs are used. This means increased life and durability for your vehicle. Tire air pressure is checked. (We recommend that you check this monthly in between services as well).

Tires: Not all tires are created equal. Our vehicles are fitted with original manufacturer recomended tires which are speed rated as recommended by the manufacturer.

Customers love the difference that correct manufacturer recommended tires make.

Making the best choice when choosing new tires involves more than picking out tires with the correct size and speed rating.  The manufacturers have designed cars to work optimally with specific tires.  We will put on the best tires for your specific car.

If driving your BMW does not fee like you are driving a BMW any longer; It might be your tires.